Team Manager 1 What do you know about the role of  the Team Manager (Team Leader)?

How do you know that you are in the role of the Team Manager? What is the difference between the Project Manager and the Team Manager? How were you appointed to this role? Do you know what is the obvious responsibility of the Team Manager? When does your job as a Team manager begin and when does it end?

2 How much time do you spend in the role of Team Manager?

Are you working full time in the project or are you just doing the Team Manager (Leader) responsibility as part of your normal work? Do you have the time to work on a project?  What happens if you do not fulfill the assigned tasks?

3 Do you know what a Work Package is?

Do you know what a Work Package contains? Do you know what are  the tolerances of  a Work Package? What would you do if you encountered a problem during the creation of a product? Do you know when a Work Package is considered as completed? Who should be informed about the completion of a Work Package and to whom do you deliver the completed Work Package?

4 From whom do you receive instructions as a Team Manager?

Do you receive the instructions  direct from the Project Manager? Can your actual boss change the decisions of the Project Manager? To whom do you complain to, if the Project Manager assignes you an unrealistic task?

5 Who pays you?

Are you still an employee of your organization or are you paid from the project? Is there a contract between the Project Manager and your organization to pay for the development of the products? If the payment from the Project Manager to your organization is delayed, will it influence the development of the products? How do you monitor the spending of the funds in comparison with the progress in product development? 

6 Do you have a Team Plan?

Which data do you need to prepare the Team Plan? How do you monitor the progress against the Team Plan? Who approves the Team plan? Can you change the Team Plan?

7 What do you know about the quality of the delivered product?

How do you ensure the quality of the product delivered? Do you know where you'll find the quality requirements of the product to be delivered? How do you measure the achievement of the quality requirements? Who will acknowledge that you have reached the required quality? Who will approve the finished product?


8 How is the team work reported?

Do you know when and to whom you report to? Do you know the format of the report and in which way it is sent? Do you know what the report should contain? Do you know what to do, if there is an unforeseen problem? 

9 What risks are you interested in about the Work Package?

How do you learn about the risks associated with the Work Package? Could the risks  cause the failure of product delivery? How do you monitor the risks during the creation a product? Do you know how to eliminate/reduce the influence of a risk?

10. Are you the Team Manager or the Project Manager?

Does the product development require you to set up a separate project? Are there any other persons involved in the project, Project Mangers? Does your organization give you adequate support? To whom are you responsible for, about the success of a delivery?


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