PRINCE2® Principles

The methodology is defined by 7 principles, all of which must be complied within the project. If principles are not respected, we are talking about PINO projects (PRINCE2® in name only).

Continued business justification - projects must have a reason to implement them at the beginning of the project, during the project, and at the end of the project. If during the duration of the project, it loses legitimacy (for example developing a special application, but in the meantime competitor comes  with better applications), it is necessary to stop or alter the project.

  1. Learning from experience - before us, many organizations implemented similar projects and do not always end up as expected. Acquiring experience from similar projects would avoid the mistakes that were made in other projects. Do not follow the adages "a person learns from their mistakes ...", but let's bear a better adage in mind "Only a fool learns from their mistakes, it is a wise man that learns from the mistakes of other ...".
  2. Defined roles and responsibilities - "Who's in charge ..." was a typical question from an army officer, when he saw soldiers messing around. This also applies to projects. There must be a clearly defined project structure, subordination and reporting lines, and all participants must accept and agree their roles.
  3. Manage by stages - you know the question "How does one eat an elephant?" How? You cut it into smaller pieces. The same is true of projects. Projects must be divided into smaller manageable parts, for which we can easily check whether or not to follow the plan. If you should build a 10 storey building in one year and you made 4 floors in three months, does it mean that you finish according to plan? Do you have in mind that after the shell construction of the building you have to install electricity, water, build walls, install windows, facade, obtain final acceptace .. Do you still think you are up to it?
  4. Manage by exception - if the project manager receives a specified amount to be spent and the exact time when the work must be completed, he essentially loses the ability to manage the project. Exceeding the budget by €100 (due to more expensive building materials), or stopped for one day (because he had an influenza epidemic in the team), does this means that the Project manager must apply for an exeption? Waiting for approval of exceptions to the contrary does not cause further delay and a price hike? Or vice versa, saved €1000 and completed the work a week earlier, this means that the project failed? Unless the Project manager receives a certain tolerance (from-to), which he can move without having to seek for approval from a senior authority he loses the ability to manage the project effectively.
  5. Focus on products - when considering the PRINCE2®, the Project manager prefers to focus first on products (project delivery) and then into activity. When you're building a house, so first of all you will be interested to know how big it will be, how many bedrooms and bathroom, kitchen, garden ... only after then you will be interested in how it will be built.
  6. Tailor to suit the project environment  - each project is different in size, the the of delivery, different team, environment ... It is the responsibility of the Project manager, to adapt the project  so that it can be reliably (and without excessive bureaucracy) driven.


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